Seek First Media works alongside mineeo360 in assisting both non-profits and for-profit organizations through video production and mineeo360’s web development and Client Video Hosting.  Visit for more information.

We are a full-scale video production company that combines a ministry heart with a passion to serve God with our skill sets.

We count it an honor and privilege to work alongside the local churches, ministries and the greater Christian community to see the gospel message of Jesus Christ impacting homes and communities.  Whether working alongside a ministry or a business, it is our goal to take the organizational message and wrap it with video in a way that engages, encourages and inspires.

Video has become the leading way to engage your narrative and/or message with your target audience. While any video illustration is just a tool, it has become a very important one in every sector of life.   Done well, a video will add an extra dimension to your communication much like pictures do in a story. We specialize in “mini-movies” and/or social-media style videos that combine video, still pictures, words, and music to present an often compelling message. is a Seek First Media partner site.  It is multi-producer video site that is progressive in style, anchored to truth. Mineeo (pronounced min-ee-oh) provides sermon videos, backgrounds and illustrations from the top producers in ministry. Video has converged on ministry in recent years, providing effective sermon illustrations, event announcements and campaign promotionals that amplify the message you are communicating. But there is so much noise in Christian video now that it’s hard to find sound, Bible-based media. Mineeo has assembled the best in both creativity and content, so you don’t have to spend hours looking for that perfect illustration or sermon video.
A mini-moive is a short video.  At Seek First Media, we specialize in producing short videos that aim to engage a clear message in a creative way…1- Great Message, 2- Creative, and 3- Presented in a professionally gripping manner.
We have made it simple.  Each video has a purchase button.  Click the purchase button to the site.  You can then log in and set up an account.  Their purchase and download process is very simple and easy-to-use.
We love coming alongside others to assist in making their message or marketing need into a compelling mini-movie and/or short video.  Please contact us via our contact form.
Sure! Send us your question and we’ll answer it as best we can.  We’ll extend this FAQ as new questions pop up.