The Sanctity of Life week is celebrated every year to uplift a unified voice for the unborn children.  The date historically falls around the anniversary day of the Roe vs. Wade decision.  This year marks 40 years in America that the unborn child has gone virtually unprotected from his or her own mother’s choice/reproductive rights.

At the heart of this very disturbing and often convoluted debate, is the emphasis on the women and/or father’s reproductive rights.  Most would agree that every person should have, within legal and moral parameters, certain reproductive rights over their own bodies.  However, once a child is conceived it goes without saying that this newly created person also has equal rights.  It is a very slippery slope, as history has shown us when we begin to place a higher value of life of one people group over another.

God’s Word is clear that all human life was created in His image – both man and woman.  Life is sacred and precious.  To be a follower of Christ, means we are called to love life like He does.  The “law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2) calls us to carry one another’s burdens as if our own.  What if we would begin to carry the burden of the unborn child?  What about the pregnant woman that so often is struggling on her own?  What about the many men out there who never had a man teach them what it means to be a loving father?

The Sanctity of Human Life week is a wonderful thing.  However, to really make a generational impact and truly turn the tide the sanctity of life needs to become a way of life…everyday looking to carry the burden of others as our own and sharing the hope that Jesus Christ has given to us.

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