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Over the past several years, we have been fortunate to create and produce movies for churches, ministries, missionaries, and businesses.  Along the way, we have learned that quality videos are comprised of three critical elements:  1- A great message/content  2- A creative element and 3- A high-quality/professional presentation.  While some videos that don’t possess each one of these qualities may “succeed,”  the ones that have all three elements will very likely engage the viewer and see a lot of plays.

Whether buying a video for a church service or producing a video for your business or ministry, ask these three questions:

1- Do you have a strong and clear message? (audience/market specific)

2- What is the creative element of the video? (something unexpected and/or makes the viewer engage the message)

3- Would a larger business think the video is “professional” quality? (take the extra time to do it well…it will pay off with more views/shares)